A funny thing happened…..

A couple of BOM ladies have recently had issues with their backgound fabric fading. While it is sitting inside a cupboard. Inside a bag. What the??!! Yep that was my initial reaction. On delving deeper into this problem, apparently this discolouration over time is not uncommon with lighter homespuns. Who knew??

So, as panic was quietly over taking me, we discussed this in depth at our BOM stitching night. Apparently, no cause for alarm. Karin, who knows her stitching, blithely told me it’s easily fixed. Put your finished (yes,stitched, embellished, whatever) blocks into a “delicates bag” (you know, the one you use for your french lace undies. Uhuh.) Wash on a short, gentle cycle in cold water. Sorted. I kid you not, her blocks are all the same colour and look fine. Good as new. All perfect.

So, calm has been restored, and panic has left me. Phew.


The Travelling Roadshow


Have I mentioned before that we gleefully kept a whole heap of Helen Stubbings samples ater the workshop in November? I should have. I definitely meant to.  Come and see them. They have been artfully displayed, and they are very good. Saved us hours of stitching samples. Love that.

A little Pressie!

With goodwill (and lot’s more!) flowing at this time of year, Helen has a Bonus Block for all of our Nice people Nice Things Quilters. You can pick it up here.

Happy Stitching!

Hugs’n’kisses from Helen

Sorry, got side tracked for a moment by Billy. He was good, but now let me tell you about the day before! After  a sleepless night (um, me, not Sue!), all went swimmingly, and fun was had, work was produced, and skills were learnt. And just what more could you ask for?? We are all now addicted to colourque, and think we are artists in the making (especially me, the proud owner of not one, but two sets of Derwent pencils!) After all, to quote our teacher, “We all coloured in at Kindy”.


The very talented Stubbings ladies (‘specially for you Tess!)


The very talented Country Chix ladies.


And the very talented Roylene with her completed design.

Helen has been kind enough to leave us with many of her samples in the shop, so please call in and be inspired. We will also have an assembled version (I know, fancy, assembled!!!) of the Nice People Nice Things quilt arriving in the next few days.

Thanks Helen, we loved having you visit!


Blocks with a twist

The best part about watching our BOM’s grow is how different they all look, and as always, Karin has added a delicious twist to hers. The range she is using is called “A Day in the Country”, and reminds of Spring – so fresh and vital. To give it some extra kick, she has embellished with beads, and quilted randomly around her borders:

Oh, and before I forget, go see Helen for a bonus Block this month! We also have this newly-released pattern in-store now.

Looking forward to stitching with all of my Nice ladies Tues or Wed night.


Betty is one of our senior “nice” stitchers….and I am sooooo jealous. Dontcha wish your stitching looked like this?? I was very inspired to try some stem stitching after looking at her work. Well, no I will not be sharing mine. Ever. But I will share hers:

Oh, and pop over here for a bonus block from Helen. May your stitching be sublime.

nifty….very nifty…..

Not only do we love Show and Tell, we love seeing the clever ideas you all come up with (actually, we like to nick them so we can feel clever too, but we always tell you!) And I have already told Karen I will be blatantly plagiarising these nifty ideas (cool word, nifty). So, as Mums, we all keep those precious drawings and creations that come home in droves. Occasionally, in a fit of Motherly pride we will use them for a Scrapbooking page or similar project….but more often than not, they get relegated to a seldom used cupboard. Too precious to chuck, but… So how cool is this – Karen has traced her (now adult) kids drawings and stitched them, and will give them to her kids as a pressie. How special is that??

And for all our Nice People, Nice Things quilters…What a nice / nifty (insert word of your choice here!) idea for your extra blocks.