Another Clever Customer

A customer recently emailed me this photo to show how she has used our Saffron Craig Owl

Panel. The Panel has been put to use with nothing wasted. Well done Gloria! I’m sure the owner

will love and cherish the Quilt and softies for years to come.


My new best friends…

As i prepare for my little hiatus, I have a list of about a zillion things to do. I have to tell you, it is pretty much impossible to be organized for 3 months or so. Luckily I am married to an extremely capable man, and I am coming to terms with the fact that I will just have to let some stuff go. So last week, my new best friends came to stay.

180509 092rs

Not so special are they? Given how much time we will be spending together, I decided they needed a facelift.

002 rs

Better, yes?

Cute Gift Tags

Just wanted to share these little cuties with you. You can download them here and here.


The Tale of the missing safety pins

The dress-up box in our house is far and away the most popular past-time in our house. My kids spend hours creating unique and wonderful outfits, and I am happy that they enjoy such a creative and imaginative activity. However. The downside of this play is that it has involved literally hundreds of safety pins. I kid you not. To drape and accessorized requires much pinning. I find them everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except in my sewing drawer, when I need them for actual sewing. So, the other day, I had a little rant, and told my daughter that I would be expecting her to pay for the next box. And as I am partial to the curved ones (are you onto these yet? They are the best!) she could cough up the $8.50 required. Then I went to knit with Claudia. Here is what was waiting for me when I got home, along with much coin:



Every now and then my heart just melts!

New Dolly Mama

I  just love this range. They crack me up. (oops – should have said – they are greeting cards)

Anybody who knows me will agree with this:img_00021

And I think this will give my sister-in-law a giggle:


Reliving my lost youth

And I wasn’t the only one! Who would have thought back in ’88 when we were rockin’out with Barnesy,that 21 years later (eek, those numbers hurt!) we would be relaxing in deck chairs, enjoying a red accompanied by Maggie Beer pate, listening to Jimmy once again??

But I’ve got to say that I loved a Day on the Green, and that it is definitely more my style these days than a crowded stadium with no seating! (Well, ok, we could have had seats, but it just wasn’t the done thing, ya know?).

The line-up began with Mahalia Barnes – this girl has the most amazing soul/blues voice; Mark Seymour – he’s still easy on the eye and the ear; The Angels – haven’t aged well – a bit concerned Doc wasn’t going to make the end of the set without medical intervention! That said, still sounded good!

And the main event : Jimmy Barnes! We rocked and rolled, all the old faves plus a few newer ones. I’m also happy to report most of us raised ourselves out of the Deck chairs for a bit of a dance as well – all is not lost!148

Hot, Hot, HOT!


What a week to start back at school.

We have had  4 consecutive days above 40 degrees – WAY above!  Tuesday was 43, Wed was 47 (!!!!!), and today is 44.  Set to continue for the next few days, til we drop to a low of 36 next Tuesday. 

So far the airconditioning at home is holding up, but think we will start to have black-outs very soon. They have already started in Adelaide, and we have experienced a couple of quick ones, but… I think one of last nights casualties was our printer. Although we are in the market for a new computer, the printer is relatively new, and was working fine. Oh well. It pales in significance when you look at the tain tracks that have buckled. That happened yesterday in Adelaide. They are whinging about 43.             City folk!

**In the old money, 47 degrees celcius is equal to 117 degrees farenheit.