Quilting Classes for Term 1

Term One of the school year begins next week. How the time has flown over the School Holidays – it’s great to have the kids at home and do some extra-curricular activities with them!

With the excitement of a new school year looming, the students aren’t the only ones to be eager with anticipation… Andrea has organised some delightful classes for Term One, and we already have interested parties in each of the designs. With a choice of 3 different quilts, check out our Classes tab at the top and side of this blog page for details.

The beginner’s class will equip you with some foundations in patchwork and you will learn new techniques each fortnight so you can complete the quilt. Once you have learnt some framework of basic techniques, you can move onto the more advanced classes.

Andrea provides a supportive class environment – and there are always laughs and chatting coming from the class area, so we’re sure the attendees are having fun!!! ūüôā

If your New Year’s Resolution was to learn or improve on your skills, we have the opportunity for you!

Register for the class, learn, meet new people and have the added bonus of getting a project FINISHED!!!


Quilting Classes

Eager Learners

The eager learners from todays Quilting Classes, under instruction from our very talented Andrea. Andrea, Pauline, Carol and Pam.

Concentration!! Carol, Maggie and Pam.

Sorry night time girls-Photos of you next time.

Everybody went home smiling and determined to do their “Homework” before next fortnight.

Quilting Class

Stacked Coins Quilt Picture

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Grade 4 Stitching


What better way to spend a wet, cold afternoon than stitching? Julie’s Machine Quilting class ran today, so instead of gently nurturing my children through their last day before school heads back, I packed up my machine and crashed their class. Way better fun.

So whilst they learnt trapunto and machine quilting, I free-motion quilted a long over-due gift. Now, that make’s it sound as though I am accomplished in this technique, and whipped right through it. Er, no. I am just very lucky that the very patient Julie is close by and gently gives me a guiding hand as my lips slowly turn blue. You see, I am a hand-quilter. This is my love.

Unfortunately, this process requires way more time than I usually have, so sometimes a speedier method is necessary. But I do not find this a relaxing process. I am completely rigid, and UNABLE TO BREATH during this process. OR TALK. Yes, that’s right, TALK. Clearly alarming.

However, I am happy to report that the said gift is now quilted and good to bind. So when that is done, I shall show you the finished product. In the meantime, here is my incredibly special sample of Grade 4 stitching. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere!




Bllock of the Month stitching tomorrow night. Not that we want you to come sad. But we definitely want you to leave happy!

Machine Quilting with Julie Nixon

We are lucky to have the very talented Julie teaching for us again this year. Her Machine Quilting class will be held on Sunday  March 22nd and May 31st. You will learn the technique for trapunto and machine quilting, and be amazed at how fast you can pick up these skills. Requirements for this class are listed here. Book early for this class as we have limited places left.

Also, Julie has recently released her new pattern range under “The Patchy Affair”, and has been kind enough to lend us many of her samples to display in the shop. With, of course, the corresponding patterns!¬† Oh, and she is also a wizz at long-arm quilting, if you have a project that needs that finishing touch.

I don’t know what I do with my time!

Calling all Quilting Chix


Quilting Chix back tomorrow night at 7pm. Looking forward to seeing old and new friends.

PS Above is a sneak peek of our new BOM,  launching later in the year.