So just what AM I doing with all this spare time??? Clearly not blogging….

I did get warned prior to this little jaunt that I would never achieve all I had planned. Publicly I agreed. Privately I scoffed. “Of course I will. After all, I will be free to spend all this time however I choose.” Ahem. I truly had the best of intentions. I even had a computer file list – way too embarassing to share that now. The trouble with all this time is no routine, and consequently, no sense of urgency. So, not a lot gets done. finished. started. But I am not going to apologize for that, because I know that all too soon I’ll be back into the full swing of our crazy life (which I love!) and all of the busyness and exhaustion that goes with it. In the meantime, here’s a few things we have done:

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These are so cool -templates to make a suffolk puff or heart.In the shop now.  Easy peasy, excellent school holiday activity!



Just playing with some scraps and beads. Another good kids craft!

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Crochet is the new knitting! This is Sues latest project (I’m behind the times. Still knitting). A fun way to while away a cold wintry afternoon.

Oh, and I have been organizing the last 4 years worth of photo’s. Literally thousands. But so lovely to take some time to sift through all those precious memories. So, I am doing stuff. And will try to post more often!