Like watching a car crash…..


For the first time since I have been enjoying these leisurely days at home, I put one of the morning shows on while I drank my morning coffee (I watch them so regularly, I am unable to even tell you which one!). Hadn’t listened to the news yet, and there I sat for the next 2 hours. Because, love him or hate him, the news of Michael Jackson’s death was like watching a car crash. Could not turn the damn TV off.

I remember similar responses to Diana and 9/11. Why can’t we tear ourselves away, even though we know we are not going to learn any new information? Is this the only way we can absorb unexpected news?

In MJ’s case, I think it was because it took me straight back to my high school days. His music was so influential, and music has so much to do with our memories. A song can transport you to an exact moment in time. And who didn’t try a few of those dance moves from time to  time?! So this morning I ignored the weirdness and controversy of his latter years and watched his film clips with my kids. But wisely decided against busting a few moves of my own!



Yes, you read it right! Up until today, my ever-patient friend and knitting tutor Claudia, would sit with me and unknit most of my tortured rows. From time to time I would have a moment of smugness, thinking I’d done Ok, only to watch her find many of my mistakes (that I was completely unaware of). But, today, a revelation! It clicked (excuse the pun!) and made sense.And now I’m flying.  I get it. It may actually be a blanket someday after all.


An Outing!

Oh, the headiness of it all! Yesterday I shed my track pants and prettied my self up to see somebody besides a medical proffessional for the first time in 3 weeks. Yes, I spent an exciting 2 hours interrupting any work Sue and Caudia tried to achieve, whilst oohing and aahing over all the new stock (a lot happens in 3 weeks!). But most exciting was the arrival of over 70 new bolts of fabric Sue picked up in Sydney last week. Dunno where on earth she’s going to put them all, but they are very nice! Oh, and they are bargains too!

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