There’s no place like home….

Well, I can’t quite click my heels together yet, but it’s very nice to be home! Moving slowly,( but beats not moving at all!) and loving the rest. Stitching, coffeeing, chatting….and knitting re-commences next week, subject to the availability of my lovely tutor, Claudia. Blogging is also re-commencing, and I shall try very hard not to bore you all to tears!

Thanks for all of the lovely thoughts and wishes sent my way, very much apprciated.


My new best friends…

As i prepare for my little hiatus, I have a list of about a zillion things to do. I have to tell you, it is pretty much impossible to be organized for 3 months or so. Luckily I am married to an extremely capable man, and I am coming to terms with the fact that I will just have to let some stuff go. So last week, my new best friends came to stay.

180509 092rs

Not so special are they? Given how much time we will be spending together, I decided they needed a facelift.

002 rs

Better, yes?

Kernowek Lowender

How did everybody enjoy the Festival?? So much to do and see, so little time! With children involved in the Maypole, the Furry Dance, and Choir, I feel like I was at every event, but did not make it to one single exhibition – not a quilting display, not a photography, not a Wedding Dress one…aargh! I am very disappointed I ran out of time, but Sue made it to them, and said they were all terrific.

In the meantime, here’s a few snaps of the things I did see over the week-end, beginning with these two cornish cherubs:

180509 001 rs

“My” Maypole Dancers – check out that sensational double plait on the pole behind them. Not one single error in any of their performances over the week-end…

170509 077 rs

….even in the drenching rain!

180509 055rs

And we finished the festivities with The Blessing of the Waters on Sunday Morning at 8am(feeling quite virtuous about that part) with a Choir performance.

180509 068 rs crop

So tiring, but so much fun.

An embarrassment of riches….

Here’s my loot from this morning. Well, the loot you can see anyway. Hard to show you all of the hugs and kisses that accompanied. SPOILT ROTTEN.

100509 193


….And then my Husband went fishing!!

More Cornish Quilty Stuff


This is one of a set of two quilts that are being raffled by the NYP Quilters. It has been stitched and assembled by NYP Quilters (funnily enough), and the divine quilting (photo does not do it justice) has been done by Tracey Browning. We have said quilt and raffle tickets in-store – at $1 per ticket, it’s amazing value.

“Fingers’n’thumbs” are also having a quilt exhibition at the Returned Veterans on Port Road, from May 11th til 17th.

We will be spoilt for choice this festival!