Another Precious Moment

A recent conversation between my Husband and my 9 year old daughter:

Dad: Come and do the dishwasher please.                                                               

C: Dad, I’m really more of a “don’ter” than a “doer”.

Really looking forward to those teenage years…..


Mothers Day

 My Mum - Interview Book








Just around the corner. If your looking for some inspiration, we have some new gift books in from Compendium. This is my favourite. It’s full of “interview” questions for your Mum, so you can capture all of her memories. There are lots of others to choose from too.

And if you really want to spoil her (or, even better, yourself!), Janome are running some great specials at the moment. If you haven’t recieved a catalogue, go here, or pop in and pick one up from us in the shop.

Grade 4 Stitching


What better way to spend a wet, cold afternoon than stitching? Julie’s Machine Quilting class ran today, so instead of gently nurturing my children through their last day before school heads back, I packed up my machine and crashed their class. Way better fun.

So whilst they learnt trapunto and machine quilting, I free-motion quilted a long over-due gift. Now, that make’s it sound as though I am accomplished in this technique, and whipped right through it. Er, no. I am just very lucky that the very patient Julie is close by and gently gives me a guiding hand as my lips slowly turn blue. You see, I am a hand-quilter. This is my love.

Unfortunately, this process requires way more time than I usually have, so sometimes a speedier method is necessary. But I do not find this a relaxing process. I am completely rigid, and UNABLE TO BREATH during this process. OR TALK. Yes, that’s right, TALK. Clearly alarming.

However, I am happy to report that the said gift is now quilted and good to bind. So when that is done, I shall show you the finished product. In the meantime, here is my incredibly special sample of Grade 4 stitching. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere!


Cornish Quilty Stuff

Thought we should start a little segment about Kernowek Lowender (the Cornish Festival) on here as rumour has it there will be no official program, so each exhibit/activity will be relying on self-promotion to publicize it.

The Golden Harvest Quilting group will exhibit at the Wallaroo Lions Club Rooms from Wed 13th to Sunday 17th May.

The NYP Quilters are exhibiting at the Moonta Town Hall from Sunday May 10th to Sunday May 17th.

The All Saints Anglican Church in Moonta are hosting “A Festival of Seasons” from Wed May 13th to Sunday May 17th.

As more info comes to hand we will let you know, and if you have anything you would like to publicise, please let us know.

Cute Gift Tags

Just wanted to share these little cuties with you. You can download them here and here.


Happy Easter!

Thought I’d have a go at making a few of these:


You know, get myself in the mood, and all that jazz. If you want to have a play too, the instructions are here.

Have a wonderful, chocolatey, crafty and safe Easter!

An A+ Project

And back to cloth activity books…Naturally, I was thrilled when Alice came in to get a bit of advice about making a Cloth Activity Book for a school project. Actually, as I think back, I’m not entirely sure she was looking for advice at all, but she got it anyway! She graciously shared the finished result with me:





A well-deserved A!