Thrift Chic – Who knew??

The following is an exerpt from the Daily Telegraph. Finally, I am chic!!

Hard times force a return to old-fashioned virtues

IT’S called “thrift chic” – and it could be the trend that saves your family’s budget. Old-fashioned values – prudence, frugality, moderation and temperance – are the cornerstones of a back-to-the-future way of shopping.

Social analyst David Chalke says a resurgence in the number of people looking to save money by honing their domestic skills is a direct response to the economic crisis. DIY goods and services are benefiting as consumers make use of skills they had acquired, then forgotten. “It’s this whole notion of prestige from being frugal – there’s almost been a backlash against the materialism of the 1990s,” Mr Chalke said. “You find all these old Protestant virtues coming together. “People are saying: ‘I really don’t need to spend $500 on a frock – I can go down to the Salvos, buy a little black dress, run it through the sewing machine and be terribly proud to tell my friends it cost me only $50.’

” Business was “booming” in the shoe-repair industry and TAFE courses and sewing classes were in high demand, Mr Chalke said. “You’ve also got a lot of baby-boomer women, who already have the skills, returning to those older values of industriousness, thriftiness and productivity,” he said. Even those who struggle to achieve results on their own are looking at other options in a bid to cut costs. Joanna Lichi, manager of Sydney tailoring service Sew Special, said there had been a change in the type of garments brought in for alteration. “More people are bringing good-quality, old-season clothes to be fixed, instead of buying new ones,” she said.


The Tale of the missing safety pins

The dress-up box in our house is far and away the most popular past-time in our house. My kids spend hours creating unique and wonderful outfits, and I am happy that they enjoy such a creative and imaginative activity. However. The downside of this play is that it has involved literally hundreds of safety pins. I kid you not. To drape and accessorized requires much pinning. I find them everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except in my sewing drawer, when I need them for actual sewing. So, the other day, I had a little rant, and told my daughter that I would be expecting her to pay for the next box. And as I am partial to the curved ones (are you onto these yet? They are the best!) she could cough up the $8.50 required. Then I went to knit with Claudia. Here is what was waiting for me when I got home, along with much coin:



Every now and then my heart just melts!

Clickety Clack


Against all odds (and public opinion), it’s all coming back to me. Approximately 30 years ago, my Grandma taught me to knit. Pretty much from that time til now, I have completely ignored this craft, excepting the part where I take money for it over the counter. I say “take money” because to say I have “sold” it would be to imply that I have imparted helpfull and useful knowledge to our very forgiving customers. This would certainly not be the case. I have simply stood close by, politely listening to them speak in a foreign language. But no more! Because last week, a very scrumptious book arrived in-store, and I was bitten by the knitting bug. Many, many people attempted to dissuade me and direct my attention else where. But I so wanted this:


And anyway, how hard could it be?? So I enlisted the endlessly patient Claudia’s assistance, and off we went. The practice run is that fetching few rows of a cable pattern at the top of the page. This evidence was necessary to prove to Sue that I was serious before she would order the carefully selected wool for me!!

So today (having passed the test) I excitedly faxed off the wool order. Stay tuned!

Sale, Sale, Sale!

30% off Selected Giftware

Gotta be worth checking out….



Bllock of the Month stitching tomorrow night. Not that we want you to come sad. But we definitely want you to leave happy!

A Winner!

Thanks for all of the lovely comments about friends in our give-away here. We love hearing from you – although our stats tell us your reading, nothing makes us feel more warm and fuzzy than a comment. Keep ’em coming!

Anyhoo, on with the anouncement: Congratulations Marie for your lovely comment,

“My granddaughter Bonnie and I love to have garden pinics”

Obviously, combining friends and gardens – you had to be the winner! We have Natalie’s “Friends from the Garden” pattern for you. Call in to the shop, or let us know your snail mail address. Congrats!


**A quick shout-out to Kylie and Rach – sorry for delay, your surprises coming soon!

Show and Tell

Gaye stocked up in January(no such thing as too much fabric!), and has sent us through a few pics to show us what she has been up to: