Hot, Hot, HOT!


What a week to start back at school.

We have had  4 consecutive days above 40 degrees – WAY above!  Tuesday was 43, Wed was 47 (!!!!!), and today is 44.  Set to continue for the next few days, til we drop to a low of 36 next Tuesday. 

So far the airconditioning at home is holding up, but think we will start to have black-outs very soon. They have already started in Adelaide, and we have experienced a couple of quick ones, but… I think one of last nights casualties was our printer. Although we are in the market for a new computer, the printer is relatively new, and was working fine. Oh well. It pales in significance when you look at the tain tracks that have buckled. That happened yesterday in Adelaide. They are whinging about 43.             City folk!

**In the old money, 47 degrees celcius is equal to 117 degrees farenheit.


The Travelling Roadshow


Have I mentioned before that we gleefully kept a whole heap of Helen Stubbings samples ater the workshop in November? I should have. I definitely meant to.  Come and see them. They have been artfully displayed, and they are very good. Saved us hours of stitching samples. Love that.

Term 1 & 2 Classes


Thanks for your input regarding classes. You can go here to see the full schedule. I’m definitely doing this Apron Class.

Book Day

It’s that time of the year-back to school books, and I love it! It allows me to indulge my love of stationery, labels, and all that cute stuff.  We have been covering books and labelling everything in sight. What a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.230109-051

But dont leave the crayons in the car on a 40 degree day.



DMC Thread


Just to let everybody know – we now stock DMC threads.

So, now you know!

It’s the little things


Caught up with a few of my favourite friends for lunch during the week. Kate and Eliza shared these from their garden.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

A Summer Mystery

Just wanted to let you know that Helen Stubbings is running a Mystery Quilt Challenge on her blog, beginning here. If you are itching for a project before classes begin, or are a beginner, this is a great opportnity to get almost a one-on-one class. You will find Helen’s instructions very easy to follow, and I have no doubt the end result will be stunning. Let me know if you take it on!