A Christmas Present for you!

Yes it’s Christmas Eve, so we would like to give you a pressie. Just leave us a comment and tell us your favourite Christmas Tradition, and we will randomly draw winners out next week for some Christmas goodness.

Our favourite traditions are catching up with family, Carols by Candle light, and showing the Christmas lights to the kids. Look forward to hearing yours!



Can’t spill the beans yet, but chek back in with us Christmas Eve. It’ll be worth it!

Surrounded by Angels


Our house is awash with peace and harmony. Yes, even though we are half-way through the first week of the school holidays! Ok, there have been a few moments, but really, not so many. My eldest and I have made Guardian Angels. Well, she pretty much made them, I just lent a hand here and there. And I am very proud of her, as it’s the first project she has instigated then seen through til the end. Don’t you wish you had one to watch over you?


And today one of my bestest friends came to play, and we made beautiful bags. It’s too easy to put these days off, but this week will be full of friends, just hanging out. So nice to take some time out, let the kids play, and just relax. Or sew! Here’s one of the results:


A little Pressie!

With goodwill (and lot’s more!) flowing at this time of year, Helen has a Bonus Block for all of our Nice people Nice Things Quilters. You can pick it up here.

Happy Stitching!

Spoilt for Choice

Or just spoilt. Lunches in our house are a constant drama. I am sooooo tired of throwing out all that was packed. It’s not for lack of choice. As a rule, I don’t actually care what my eldest child eats as long as she eats something. Yes, as a rule. This morning I asked her to get out what she would like for lunch:


After some discussion (me saying no) she reviewed her choices (like she had an option), and went with this instead:


Yes I know the choccy bar is still in there. You choose your battles.