Think we’re ready to go….


The Ascot Theatre is draped in gorgeous quilts and various fancies, we have relieved Helen of a good chunk of her luggage, and the kits are done. But I can’t shake that feeling we’ve forgotten something! As I sit here pondering, Sue has just rung to make dinner arrangements for tomorrow night! So, all of the important details are covered!! Oh well, I’m sure we will muddle through. Will have many photo’s of the Blessed Beauty workshop to share tomorrow!


Show and Tell and Random Photo’s

Here’s a few recent Show and Tell’s:

Barbara has been on a roll with these table runners:


and Janet is beating me to become the Bag Queen (that’s a compliment!):



And on to some completely random not-crafty photo’s – just because. Here is a Wedding I did on Melbourne Cup Day (clearly not an Aussie couple!):


Doesn’t this make you wanna sail away on the nearest yacht with someone you love??

And this is one I took as homework for my recent photography course:


Told you. Completely random.

My Friend wrote a book!


How cool is that?? And it’s now my favourite. Not just cos she and her Mum wrote it (although I can’t deny it helps!). But because it’s really good. Really. It’s all about feelings, and if there’s a little person in your life who is starting school or kindy, or just starting a new phase in their life, I highly recommend it. Guess what all the kids in my family are getting this year?

Oh, and here’s Lenore at my personal book signing session, with her PA, Amelia. I did feed her lunch in return!