Never smile at a Crocodile

We have some new friends. They are Australian made and designed, handcrafted from organic maplewood, using renewable resources, non toxic glues and paints. Oh and textiles. Given our bent towards fabrics and such, we find this particularly appealing.

So not only are they safe for the kids, they are environmentally friendly too. A percentage of your purchase supports wildlife organizations around the world. anamalz is looking after animals!




If you want to learn some more about these critters, click here.


**PS apologies for very average photography

**PPS Do you like how I have cleverly combined these posts, and slipped an Amy Butler fabric into the pics? Clever, huh??


Amy’s Here!


Yippee! Amy Butlers latest range of fabric is in-store now. Stayed up til 1.30am making new bag last night. Well worth it.

Cloth Activity Book

Ok, so every single day we have a search show in our stats for someone trying to find a cloth activity book pattern. And we’ve had hundreds, oh OK, a few queries, requesting the  pattern. And I really did have the best of intentions. My plan was to write it, print it, kit it, and send it flying your way. Right. So, where is it??? Well, it is at the bottom (still) of a very long To Do list, which does not seeem to be getting any shorter.

So instead, here are the images for you to see and play with. For free. With lots of love. Because this is a book that needs to be made with lots of love. Use your imagination, use your scraps, and make something special for a special little person in your life.

Happy Stitching!

Hugs’n’kisses from Helen

Sorry, got side tracked for a moment by Billy. He was good, but now let me tell you about the day before! After  a sleepless night (um, me, not Sue!), all went swimmingly, and fun was had, work was produced, and skills were learnt. And just what more could you ask for?? We are all now addicted to colourque, and think we are artists in the making (especially me, the proud owner of not one, but two sets of Derwent pencils!) After all, to quote our teacher, “We all coloured in at Kindy”.


The very talented Stubbings ladies (‘specially for you Tess!)


The very talented Country Chix ladies.


And the very talented Roylene with her completed design.

Helen has been kind enough to leave us with many of her samples in the shop, so please call in and be inspired. We will also have an assembled version (I know, fancy, assembled!!!) of the Nice People Nice Things quilt arriving in the next few days.

Thanks Helen, we loved having you visit!


I Heart Billy!

Billy Joel performs at Rod Laver Arena on November 10, 2006 in Melbourne, Australia.  (Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Billy Joel From Getty Images.

He’s still got it!

 It was all about the music, but I have to admit I felt a bit swoony…all a-flutter for this guy, I gotta tell ya!

No special effects, no big screens, no costume changes, just the man and his music, as it should be. The first half was like being in a Wine Bar (which would have been nice), just me and 12,000 of my closest friends. Backed by an amazing band, he rocked the second half.He played the music he enjoyed, and his audience was mesmerised.  What a Legend.

PS Sorry I ditched you Rohan, but he was so worth it!!!!!

Think we’re ready to go….


The Ascot Theatre is draped in gorgeous quilts and various fancies, we have relieved Helen of a good chunk of her luggage, and the kits are done. But I can’t shake that feeling we’ve forgotten something! As I sit here pondering, Sue has just rung to make dinner arrangements for tomorrow night! So, all of the important details are covered!! Oh well, I’m sure we will muddle through. Will have many photo’s of the Blessed Beauty workshop to share tomorrow!

Show and Tell and Random Photo’s

Here’s a few recent Show and Tell’s:

Barbara has been on a roll with these table runners:


and Janet is beating me to become the Bag Queen (that’s a compliment!):



And on to some completely random not-crafty photo’s – just because. Here is a Wedding I did on Melbourne Cup Day (clearly not an Aussie couple!):


Doesn’t this make you wanna sail away on the nearest yacht with someone you love??

And this is one I took as homework for my recent photography course:


Told you. Completely random.