The Wonderful World of Blogs…and a Giveaway!

I admit – I am addicted to Blogs. I spend way more hours than I should (believe this is commonly referred to as procrastination) reading my favourites. There are blogs out there on every possible subject you could imagine, and it has become part of a very rapidly growing on-line community. A great way to share common interests and passions wherever you may be in the world.

So I thought I’d share a few of my faves with you:

Anna Maria, Heather and Sandi – style guru’s.  I just want to be them! And you will love their tutorials!

How About Orange  – Fascinating downloads and links. So cool.

The Cupcake Company – These are awesome. Obviously, you could not possibly eat one.

Natalie, Annabella Moonthreads, Helen, and Mel – A few of our favourite designers

Tania – my very favourie scrapper (oh Ok, it’s my sister-in-law, but she really is very clever. And interesting. And  reads my Blog)

Yorke Peninsula Weddings – still a work-in-progress, but coming along nicely

Katherine and Carl – some local friends

And to meet a truly inspirational family, and to begin to understand the global nature of blogging, go meet Courtney. Her sister Stephanie re cently sustained burns in a plane crash to over 80 percent of her body. Stephanies husband Christian was also severely burned in the same accident. As they recover, Courtney is chronicalling their story while caring for their 4 young children as well as her own newborn babe.

So, there’ a few links to keep you busy for a while. If you are the first one to tell me who wrote the book “High Tea”, I have a signed copy waiting for you.


**Clue – use these links to find out!!


I am Gorgeous….

…or at least my coffee mug is!

A few months ago, a small tragedy struck our house. I dropped and broke MY MORNING COFFEE MUG. So while I realise there are many greater tragedies that could have befallen me, you need to understand I had this coffee mug for well over 10 years. It dates back to when I was a Wendy’s chick, and my Dad bought me the Peter Pan mug home from Hawaii. For Me. Especially. It moved house with me SIX TIMES. It lived in 4 different towns. I had my morning coffee in it EVERY MORNING. Then one morning, I dropped it. Yes, it was MY OWN FAULT! Unbeleivably, my Dad was visiting when it happened. I was devastated.

So since then, I have been on the look-out for a replacement. Not as easy as it sounds. A tall order – it had to be the right shape, the right size,  have the right handle, and be cute too. Many “almost-there’s” have been purchased in recent months. None have lived up to there expectations, and there is currently a glut of mis-matched mugs at our house.

Imagine my delight when we happened upon the PERFECT MUGS whilst at the Sydney Trade Fair. Obviously, there was no option but to make Sue purchase this range of PERFECT COFFEE MUGS for Country Chix. And because she is a sport (or worn down by the whining), she did. And now my PERFECT MUG and I have coffee together every morning. Bliss.

Defining Me!

Couldn’t have said it better myself!


Look who’s visiting us:

This is “Blessed Baltimore” , the project we will be doing with Helen Stubbings in November. If you have booked into the workshop, you might like to pop in and check it out “in real life”. If you are still thinking about it, we do have a few spaces left in our Workshop on Nov 25th.

Beaded Tote Bag Class

We still have a couple of spot’s available for Sunday’s Bag Class. Give us a ring on 8821 2700 if you would like to join us.

Spring has Sprung

Does anything say “Spring” better than a cheery crop of Canola? Fare thee well Winter….


Some thoughts to ponder from our friends at Compendium…
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