What is it about little compartments?

Have been trying to get into Spring Cleaning mode, both at home and at the shop. Once I’m actually in the swing of it, the results are immensely satisfying. It’s just starting that is tricky! So far I have heaved three big stripey bags out of the linen press, and even better, passed them on to uniting Wescare as they are setting up a couple of new”safe” houses for women and children – a win-win.

Earlier in the year, my Father-in-law installed a new shelf for me in my craft-space (I hesitate to use the word”studio” – a corner just does not qualify!) and it has made such a difference. Well, ok, it needn’t have been quite this bad before, but if your gonna have a “Before” photo, might as well make everybody else feel good! (Please don’t judge me too harshly – I am bearing my soul here!!)



And in the shop, from this:

To This:

See what I mean about little compartments? There’s just something very satisfying about them.

Now, playroom next…


Families of Courage

I have just finished reading about my nephew’s “Children of Courage” award. He is disabled due to a Chromosome condition and faces hurdles everyday that would make the rest of us give up. But he doesn’t, he makes us laugh, and cuddle, and love him. My beautiful Sister-in-law is not sure whether he rates as “courageous” (sometimes we have to slap her a bit!) But not only does he deserve it, so does his whole family. Each and ever day hour bring challenges and tasks that the rest of us would never even have given a thought to. A simple outing to the beach can cause days of distress and discomfort. It’s really, really hard some days. And lots of nights. But there is never a word of complaint or a whinge (and believe me, I’d be whinging for sure!) Instead their house is a happy, joyous (sometimes crazy, but that has nothing to do with Josh!) place to be. It’s full of love and laughter, and lashings of courage. It is definitely a well-deserved Award. Great job, Josh. 

Would you prefer a Shiraz, a Cabernet, or a Chardonnay?

Just in time for Fathers Day, our new range of natural soaps, bath salts and candles are now in stock. You can choose Dad’s favourite drop, and while your here, have a peek at our new books from Compendium. There is something in this range for everyone!

Karen and Sue at the Trade Fair
Karen and Sue at the Trade Fair


Yummy beeswax candles...pick your fave!
Yummy beeswax candles…pick your fave!
Bathsalts and books...sounds like a good combination actually!
Bathsalts and books…sounds like a good combination actually!

Kadina Show Winners!!

Much excitement at our house over the week-end (yes – even more than the fishermen!!) It was the annual Kadina show, and in the interest of supporting our community (oh Ok, and maybe showing off a bit), we all entered something in the show. And Chelsea and I  got a prize – and Chelsea got First Prize!

And this is the finally-finished Amy Butler quilt. This was a very extravagant holiday purchase I made a couple of years ago. And I made it just for me. And it got Second Prize. First and Third went to my friend Nat, so I’m ok with thrat. Congratulations Nat! Sorry, I don’t have a pic of Nat’s quilt, but here is mine:

A Bag of a different kind

The  smug Boys
The smug Boys


Don’t they look pleased with themselves?? After many, many hours spent in a small boat together over the past few years, with little to share except stories about too much green ginger wine (don’t ask me), these three boys arrived home very smug and incredibly pleased with themselves. They BAGGED OUT. Two days in a row. A freezer full of fish. Another fishing trip to plan….

Grab some tissues

I have just read the most amazing story here. It is one of the worst accounts of child abuse I have ever read, and will make you wonder how any human could ever treat another this way. On  the other hand, it will at the same time restore your faith that there are true Angels out there as you learn about Dani’s adopted family. And the difference people can make in the face of such despair. They are truly heroes. You will definitely need tissues.

nifty….very nifty…..

Not only do we love Show and Tell, we love seeing the clever ideas you all come up with (actually, we like to nick them so we can feel clever too, but we always tell you!) And I have already told Karen I will be blatantly plagiarising these nifty ideas (cool word, nifty). So, as Mums, we all keep those precious drawings and creations that come home in droves. Occasionally, in a fit of Motherly pride we will use them for a Scrapbooking page or similar project….but more often than not, they get relegated to a seldom used cupboard. Too precious to chuck, but… So how cool is this – Karen has traced her (now adult) kids drawings and stitched them, and will give them to her kids as a pressie. How special is that??

And for all our Nice People, Nice Things quilters…What a nice / nifty (insert word of your choice here!) idea for your extra blocks.