Black and White and a splash of Red


Oh so stylish are these two Show and Tells. The quilt above has been made by Dineke, and the bag beow was made by Sue (aren’t they clever?).The bag is one of the new Moonshine patterns now in stock.

Actually we have tons of new patterns in store now but we have been stocktaking all week-end, and I forgot to take photo’s today. Will update you tomorrow!


Just for looking at!


Check out these cakes made in Russia (so I’m told) How could you possibly eat these?!

Meet Tom


This is the little man who has been making me weep lately…my handsome new God-son. Holding a newborn baby is the most awesome thing  – a whole new person looking at you with all that unswervable trust in his eyes. And those eyes..I think they must have been here before…so knowing. Sigh.

And the best part about your best friend having a baby? Your not sore, or sleep-deprived, or stretched in spots that just shouldn’t be stretched – and you still get a baby to love!

Well done, Lisa and Peter.

Too Arty?

Just finished this for a very special someone…is it too arty? Hmmm, hubby thinks so. Oh well, I like it. I think Tom will too. I’ll introduce him tomorrow.

A Nice Gift…

All of the BOM Ladies need to head over to the Npnt Blog to check out the free block Helen has put up for you. We all love a pressie!

While chatting and stitching last night, it eventuated that we all had a block that we weren’t overly fond of. So we decided, we wouldn’t use those ones! Oh, the freedom. Yes, it’s our quilt, and we can pick and choose the blocks we like. Did you also know that there is the option of designing up to 9 of your own blocks?

Some ideas tossed around were tracing the childrens hands, getting them to write their names or draw a simple picture to be stitched. Also, how about a “guest stitcher”? Asking a close family member or friend to stitch a block will certainly make it a nice memory quilt.

Would love to hear your suggestions.


And the winner is…..



Thanks for leaving a comment (more please everybody), we have two sparkly new stamps at the shop with your name on them! Come visit us!

A special something for someone special

This awesome book wrap was created by Jan, who brought it in to show us yesterday. Jan is an artist who works with many different textiles and  techniques, and I can tell you these photo’s do not do her work justice. Jan made this book wrap for a close friend, using scraps of fabric from her Bridesmaids dresses and her daughters favourte colours. So many hours, so much love, all wrapped up in one gorgeous gift- and you haven’t even seen what’s inside yet:

I don’t have a photo, but the inside of the book is also personalized with a poem and drawing. Wow. Such a precious gift. 

We love to see what happens to the “raw” material after you take it home – keep on sharing wih us!