Assembly Tips, aka “What Not To Do”

Yep, if we can assemble Ikea furniture with such ease, nothing can stop us. So I have put together a little “what not to do” page for all of the Block of the Month Ladies.

Happy Stitching!


Ikea Wizz Kids

That’s us. We circled the box for a week, secretly pleased that we were too busy to tackle it. Waiting for the flat-pack fairy to call by. Nup, didn’t happen. So, how hard could it be??

Well, not very actually – no idea what all the fuss is about. It was up and finished in less than 45 minutes. Not a cross word between us. Not a husband in sight (that may have been the trick). Too easy.

Disney Chipboard Giveaway

Ok, way behind on our Scrapbooking and Beyond posts…so to keep you interested, here’s the first of our giveaways, kindly donated by Fun’n’Fashion:

So, we will give 1 set each to the first 5 people to make a comment – too easy, so the comment needs to be a funny story about one of your (or someone elses!) kid. We’re feeling generous, so we will post within Australia.

Stop lurking and make us laugh!

And more Show and Tell!


Although we all know Katherine best for her beautiful jewellery creations, she has begun loitering in a different corner of the shop recently – and just look at this sensational card (album?) she came up with for her sister’s Birthday – what a special present.

 Happy Birthday Judith!

And Faye called in to show us this necklace she made today – dontcha just love that you can just whip something up for every outfit??!

Punk Quilting

We did have a giggle when Mandy shared her almost -quilted wall-hanging with us…you wouldn’t wanna be hauling this one through airport security!

But it wont be shifting while she quilts it!!

Show and Tell

Ashleigh used a Story board kit from Scrapbook Australia and created this gorgeous peice – her first ever Scrap project. And the back looks as good as the front!


Karen has finished this quilt top that she designed herself – not too shabby for a beginner – now she’s about to start the hand-quilting – the perfect winter past-time!

And Merle has produced another gorgeous cushion cover – Happy Birthday to her lucky neice!


Please don’t drink the toilet water….

How funny is this?? Funnily enough, had no plans to do so, but appreciate the heads up!

It really is the simplest things that catch your eye… cool does this sugar look? Obviously unable to have sugar here – who’d be game to touch that??!