Cloth Activity Books

Ok. We’ve all done it. How hard can it be? I can make a better version than that… But perhaps not the week before Christmas. And perhaps not three. Yes, last week I decided to make my 3 baby neices a cloth activity book. My own children have had years of enjoyment from theirs. I’ve always thought it could have been a bit…I dunno…prettier? 

You know what I mean – stitched lettering, not fabric pen. Appliqued, not just drawn. and if I’d had this inspiration in June, instead of Decmeber, all that would be true. Actually it still is true. They are beautiful.

They just took soooooo much longer than I anticipated!! So, I am still alive, I have just been stitching every spare moment available, in between two children with Chicken Pox, and popping into work from time to time.

And I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who came to my rescue, just when panic was begining to set in – Thanks for sharing the coffee, gin (!!) stitching, chocolates, and very late nights with me Sharon and Fran!

And they are beautiful. Here’s a peek at a couple of pages:





And Welcome to Kahlia, who is going to be posting from time to time too  – she’s off to a great start, and already inspiring different projects.

Cheers, Lisa


***Thank you for all your enquiries and comments regarding this book. Someday there may be a pattern. In the meantime, you can add your imagination to these pages here.


17 Responses

  1. As the grandparent of 2 of the babies who received these cloth activity books I have to tell you that they are just BEAUTIFUL and they will be very much loved and played with over and over !!! Everyone who saw them was just in awe at how lovely they are and so Lisa all your hard efforts to make them were very much appreciated.
    Love; Bev

  2. Thanks Bev – i hope they enjoy them as much as Chelsea & Joe have over the years xxx

  3. OMG LISA!! I heard you had been doing these but now I’ve seen photos- are you mad??? So much time and work has gone into these- really beautiful, but dear, should have started last January LOL 😉

  4. Yes , Mark has made me promise that next year, no Christmas projects will be started after July!! Actually, he asked if we could just buy stuff next year!!

  5. Well as one of the Lisa’s little helpers in the last minute rush to finish these activity books i feel honoured to have been able to help… i must say they have turned out absoultely beautifully.. but i really think that Lisa should have posted a picture of the covers… they really finished these gorgeous little books off…the whole book is very inspiring.. wish i had half the creative skills of Lisa… Sharon !

    ps.. was really nice to while away the hours gas bagging, sewing and eating chocolate… count me in on your next project.

  6. Yep, we had lot’s of fun, if not much sleep! Don’t worry Sharon, still a couple more books to make…just be careful what you wish for!!

  7. Lisa,
    I’d love to know what other pages you had in your book. I’m trying to design one for my daughter’s first birthday ( Feb 21, think it might be a big ask otherwise it will make a great Xmas pressie) anyway I’ve found a few CAB on some websites but yours beats them hands down!!
    You certainly beat your goal of making it prettier.

  8. Hi Arnie, it’s so nice of you to comment. I’ve posted the other pages in todays Blog, and am happy to answer any of your questions. I am also planning a pattern, but not before Feb 21st! My best advice is allow yourself double the time you think you’ll actually need!!!

  9. Thanks for the advice Lisa.
    On that note I think I’ll plan it for her Christmas present. That way too I can also use your pattern.
    Thanks for posting the other pages.

  10. No probs Arnie, keep watching, and i’ll let you know when pattern available.

  11. Hi Lisa,
    Any updates for when the pattern might be available?

  12. Hi Arnie, good to hear from you. Am hoping pattern will be ready June/July (sorry to make you wait longer!) Can you please send me your email address -ours is in “contact us”? Hoping you will agreee to test pattern for me! Ta x

  13. my daughter is eighteen months and I have been looking all over to purchase one for her. I had one when I was a kid… but sadly I can not sew to save my life.
    Would you be interested in selling one to our family?

  14. Hmmm…will let you know when pattern available!!

  15. Hi! Your book looks beautiful! If you have a pattern, I would LOVE to buy it from you. I’ve been looking all over for a great activity book pattern. 🙂


  16. Hi Laura, it is a work in progress, but I will let you know as soon as it is available!

  17. Is there a pattern yet?

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