Ambience and Decore


Just thought I’d share a little bit of our Christmas Day with you. Mark was in charge of Catering (and he did a sensational job, although the power did got to his head a smidge…apparently, I’m no longer capable of even chopping lettuce correctly!), and I was in charge of Ambience and Decore.

We (I!) went with a black and silver theme, and the kids cut out snowflakes that we hung from the ceiling for the wow factor (if anybody has any tips for removing sticky tape marks from ceiling, I’m all ears!)

Santa was very good to everybody, especially the smaller people.

More importantly, we were surrounded by Family and Friends, and enjoyed a wonderful few days of special visitors. 

I hope your days were filled with happy times and memories also, and that 2008 is good to you.




And now for the shopping….

Hope you all  survived the Christmas Cheer…we are at that awkward time of year – not quite back to normal yet, so what to do?

Shop of course!

We have Christmas Decorations reduced, some by 50 %, and are dropping our Russ baby giftware by 20%. The ideal time to stock up.

Also, if you are looking for a quick on-the-run project, I kitted up some Hugs’n’kisses Tempters today. Everything is in it, including a needle, so all you have to do is stitch!They are the most gorgeous designs, and very achievable for all levels.

Cloth Activity Books

Ok. We’ve all done it. How hard can it be? I can make a better version than that… But perhaps not the week before Christmas. And perhaps not three. Yes, last week I decided to make my 3 baby neices a cloth activity book. My own children have had years of enjoyment from theirs. I’ve always thought it could have been a bit…I dunno…prettier? 

You know what I mean – stitched lettering, not fabric pen. Appliqued, not just drawn. and if I’d had this inspiration in June, instead of Decmeber, all that would be true. Actually it still is true. They are beautiful.

They just took soooooo much longer than I anticipated!! So, I am still alive, I have just been stitching every spare moment available, in between two children with Chicken Pox, and popping into work from time to time.

And I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who came to my rescue, just when panic was begining to set in – Thanks for sharing the coffee, gin (!!) stitching, chocolates, and very late nights with me Sharon and Fran!

And they are beautiful. Here’s a peek at a couple of pages:





And Welcome to Kahlia, who is going to be posting from time to time too  – she’s off to a great start, and already inspiring different projects.

Cheers, Lisa


***Thank you for all your enquiries and comments regarding this book. Someday there may be a pattern. In the meantime, you can add your imagination to these pages here.

Monica’s Flamenco Bag


Lots and lots of bag’s this week. Sue hit the ground running with this little cutie (top left) that she made for Kahlia using Monica Pooles Flamenco Bag pattern. She then inspired Kathy, who whipped up the next two beauties. Very cute, very easy pattern, if you are looking for a good afternoon project.

Xmas stuff

Ok.So it’s school holidays.I’m moping around the house or watching TV with nothing to do. I say to myself ‘ I need a project!’ , and before i know it, the kitchen table is a mess and i am feeling very pleased with myself.

Bon Bons 


 I wanted to make some Xmas bon bons that you can really pop. After hunting high and low, i finally layed my hands on some bon bon snaps, but i still couldn’t figure out how to make the bon bon with the snap in it.So, i pulled apart a bon bon that i had lying around and found that it was a fairly simple design and using that, i made a template. I traced the template on to some cardstock, put it together, added some stickers and : Voila! Inside each bon bon is a small Xmas keyring that i made using some Xmas charms and two chocolate gold coins. Hope the family likes them when we pop them on Xmas day…

Xmas Keyrings


 Using some Xmas decorations that mum has at the shop, I made some keyrings to give (along with some money) to cousins and aunties in Mildura. These took only a few minutes each and are great for those girls that are just too hard to buy for.

I also made two necklaces for Nan and am working on a mini scrapbooking album for her Xmas present.

Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas!


Year Seven Graduation

On Thursday, the sixth of December was my year 7 graduation. I’ve had my dress for months and i was really exited to be graduating out of primary school. photos07-142.jpgphotos07-146.jpg   Heres a few snaps that my very exited mum took:


The hightlight of my night was, of course, being presented with the McCarthy Medal (Dux of Year Seven) ! I was also exited when one of my best friends, Alison (pictured above in the black dress) won the District Council of the Copper Coast Citizenship Award! She is still deciding on what to spend her prize pool ( $50-Hey, thats alot for a 13 year old!) on but i see i shopping spree in her near future…

Everyone had a great night and i’m looking forward to high school next year!


European Vacation

Bob Scott was my year seven teacher on Thursdays and Fridays this year. Next Year, he is taking the year off to renovate his house and take a holiday to Europe with his wife and kids.I was asked by my classmates to make a card for him to thank him for teaching us this year and wish him a happy holiday. Of course, having a mum that owns Country Chix meant that this was going to be no ordianary card! With a bit (ok…alot!) of help from Lisa, this is what i came up with:



 The night i was working on this was also the night of the Xyron demonstration and i was lucky enought to use some of their clever machines. The lettering (Mr.scott & 2007) was done with the Xyron Personal Cutting Machine.

Thanks again to Lisa for all her help!