Back to the 80’s

Having delusions of being 20 again. My daughter recieved a Hairdryer with a diffuser for her birthday so thought I’d have a play – anyone remember life before straighteners?? It was fun and way easier and faster than straightening.

Needed to make and finish something, so decided to try one of Heather Baileys super cute headbands(  So fast, have now made 4. Will try to get a better pic (maybe better model!).



Must be off to bed. Sue and I (and Joe) heading to Adelaide at 6.30 am tomorrow for 7 Gypsies Workshop – see the sacrifices we make to keep our skill levels at their peak, so we can share all our tips with you? Oh well, someones gotta do it!


The Last Minute Gift Countdown


Checkout Karen from Cotton Spices Blog

Staring on Nov 5th there will be a free pattern to download from many different designers, to get you started / finished (depends on your level of organization!) for those last minute Christmas gifts. one of our favourite designers, Helen from Hugs’n’kisses is featured. Well worth keeping up with this one!

Funky Bracelet


Sue made this funky bracelet the other night using shell beads and memory wire.

Pretty funky, huh?

 I feel a beading night coming on….

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails….

…that’s what little boys are made of.



This is the scene that greeted me after my shower this morning. 4 rolls of toilet paper unravelled between the kitchen, playroom, and lounge.

When I calmly asked Joe “Why?”, he replied, “I was being a dog.”

What else is there to say?

(Not the best photo, but please note the headwear!)

Rain, rain, rain!



And we thought it had forgotten how! Boy did we get a drenching today – 9mm in 1/2 an hour – flash floods all over town, but you could barely tell an hour later.

Many happy gardeners, some happy farmers, and hopefully not too much damage done.

Rachel’s Quilt


My lovely friend Rachel came to visit us a couple of weeks ago for some chenille – then she whipped this up! A very lucky baby will soon be the recipient.

Love it, Rach!


Spring Carnival


The Racing Season is upon us, and at this time of year, it’s all about hats. Colleen decided to give hers a new lease of life with some beads. Pretty snazzy, huh?

Tip for Saturday : Devil Moon in the Cox Plate