Safari Suits etc


Here is Amy, one of our favourite customers, visiting us at the Field Days, and “modelling” our new shopping bags.Love the face painting!

and now….the aforementioned safri suit!

Mark was flattered to be asked to do some modelling at the Field Days, until he found out it was for Safety Vests! Anyway, he must have charmed the ladies organizing the parades (as he does), and instead they asked him to help out in the Vintage parade. Frighteningly, it actually looked OK…….


Michelle lokked breathtaking in her ’70’s Kaftan….


And I’m not sure about Andrea’s outfit (but this is better than the yellow one, and the velour leopard print jumpsuit)


A fun way to finish a fun 3 days. Until we forget how tired we are, and do it all again in 2 years time.


One day down, 2 more to go!

Well we are a bit very windblown, but still standing. Day 1 was busy, but lots of fun. Lots of new faces, lots of old friends. Man, I am tired!

Just thought I’d show our incredibly neat fat quarters (Thanks Helen!). Obviously, this is at the start of the day!

If you are heading out to Field Days, we are in the Newbold Pavillion – please drop by and say G’day!

Paskeville Field Days

Yep, it’s that time again already – Field Days!

We spent this afternoon starting to set up, here is our “blank canvas”.

That ceiling is very high – I definitely was not heading up a ladder, and although Sue made noises about doing it herself, she was quite pleased to have these lovely lads come to our rescue(actually, we are always going to be pleased when lovely lads come to our rescue!). Great job, Thanks Guys.

And here are some of our very dedicated helpers  – Kahlia, Chelsea and Joe (??!!) taking a well earned rest!

Still another day of setting up tomoroow, and open for business Tuesday.

Sue and Lisa will be out at Paskeville Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, while Claudia is holding the fort back at the shop.

Come and visit us, wherever you may be shopping this week!

Term 4

Term 4 Class List is now up (go to “Pages”, click on “Classes”).

A few new ones in there, so hopefully something for everybody.

We would love to hear any suggestions you may have for next Term (eek, year!!).


Charlotte and Rosie

Charlotte was lucky enough to recieve Rosie Bear from her very doting Auntie, and sent us a picture of them having a cuddle. They look very cosy together!

1,000 Hits

Ok, I know it’s teeny for most sites, but we have just reached a thousand hits!

Not so bad for less than 2 months.

So, we know someone’s out there – please say hi from time to time!!

Too Cute!


Couldn’t let this moment pass…Joe and his friend Emma came to visit today, and couldn’t resist their own tea party with our new Pink Poppy cupcakes!

Anyway, must be away – new class list for Term 4 under progress, out in time for Field Days – no pressure!!